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At Freelance Legal Document Service Center we are dedicated to providing fast, affordable, quality documents and services on an as need basis. We have been providing services to Attorney's, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and the Public since 2008.

Law Firms and Attorney's in need of Paralegal Assistance without

having to hire full-time staff. There's never a charge for overtime pay, benefits, tax or other costs. Pay, on an as need basis.

We provide a wide range of documents and services:

Available services are but not limited to pleadings / petitions, court filing, notary public, legal research and much more. We provide many services to free up time you can spend representing clients at court and in consultation. 

Give us a call today, we look forward to serving you!


         We go above and beyond to provide you with suitable services to fit your needs


All Documents and Services

are provided by a Certified DBA, Legal Document Preparer and Paralegal Professional: licensed and experienced.